Good Folk Fest Family

521890_3822811622750_530541854_nIt is true that it is easy to form a bond with folks that participate in Good Folk Fests.  The artists and musicians are very friendly people and have been brought together because they are kindred spirits in a way.  Many of the participants from past GFFs are good friends or have become good friends.   Good Folk Fest Family.  Corny, I know but it’s true.  In the previous post I mentioned that several booths are galleries, artist collectives, etc and will feature the work from many different artists.  Well there are also several booths that will house family members that share that creative spark!

11813512_688033591341478_3839094453234536217_nComing back for the 5th time, Family Circle Arts.   Three generations of art making ladies, Joyce Skaggs, Bonita Skaggs-Parsons and Misty Skaggs.  They will be in booth #25.

A mother and son have teamed up to share booth #44.  Tina Major makes neat assemblages from sea shells and her son, Bucky Vandenburg uses spray paint in his colorful paintings.  Over in booth #55 father and daughter artists, the Careys return to Good Folk Fest.  Sisters Mary Beth Swain and Elyse Hawks join up for the first time in booth #23

Gary Bell and Suzanne Edds

Gary Bell and Suzanne Edds

Several husband and wife combos show together in booths at Good Folk Fest.  Suzanne Edds and Gary Belly of Liberty Tattoo are right by the stage in booth #66.  Beth Nyman and Douglas Sovonick from Dayton, KY join Good Folk Fest for the first time  in booth # 15.  David and Meagan Honaker of Dirty Hand Studios join us for the first time in booth #7.   And we can not forget to mention husband/wife duo Krekel and Whoa who will be performing Sunday at 5pm. We are looking forward to Good Folk Fest 2015!


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